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XMind for Desktop: Ongoing tweaks. Now release.

Kiss the summer goodbye, and embrace our latest update for the fall.

New structures, enhanced features, and magical clicks for easy mind mapping are waiting just for you. Scroll down and know the new features ahead, while we offer more details, GIFs, and tutorials in our blog.

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New Timeline

Meet "vertical" and "horizontal (off-axis)". These 2 new fellas help you to build lovely mind map of timeline in a new vision.

Pitch Mode

Present your slideshow in a separate window, while write, or rehearse side by side. Wow your audience with new layouts and slide aspect ratio.

Export to PPTX/PDF

Export slides in Pitch Mode to PowerPoint/PDF. Brave your coming stages with well-organized slides and be a great storyteller elsewhere.


Note-taking matters in mind mapping. Now, you can insert and edit links in Note. Even better, XMind recognizes the links automatically.


We fine-tune your mind map closely and neatly. Now, you can print a complete mind map without leaving any topics behind.

Justify Topic Alignment

The magical finishing touch for a mind map. Click, and topics of the same level will have the same alignment in a snap.

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