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New Version. New Vision.

Leap with XMind’s Biggest Update of 2021

We’ve just released XMind (2021) on our website.

This update is quite different from the previous updates before — we break the rules, not just inside mind mapping, but also outside it.

So, ready to grab the updates?

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A Mindmap. A Slideshow.

Pitch Mode

Your mind map is a good presentation. Start presentation with XMind, and Pitch Mode generates layout, and animation for it. Wow your audience with just a click.

New Structure

Tree Table

A new structure that fits almost everything. Tree table helps to identify whole and part relationships in organized spreadsheet. It’s easy to read, and easy to make.

Back to the Basics


Structure is the core of a mind map. We’ve eliminated the distraction, so that you could pick the right one. We’ve prepared the details well, so that you could concentrate on your content.

Blend with Possibilities

Color Theme

It’s so much fun to blend the skeleton with color theme. With the help of algorithms, and attempts from the designers, creating an elegant mind map has never been that easy.

Style Matters

More Options for Image

Scale and style the image fit your mind map just right. We’ve offered options for image: size, border, shadow, and opacity. Your image looks fabulous on the mind map.

Magical Add-ons

Topic Shape

Shapes convey emotions magically. Highlight the content with topic shapes. Your mind map can be imaginative, eloquent and enjoyable to read.