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Discussions and Insights

How to Level Up Your WFH Team with XMind and More

For managers or leaders, isolation can often hit when their team isn’t on the same page. Productivity and effectiveness is always a focus for individuals and teams.

Tracy Ring, writer and marketer, observes workplace trends and shares insights from 10+ years of diverse experience in HR, project management, admin roles. She offers practical suggestions for remote team leaders including software and principles, read more below.

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XMind for Mobile

The Ultimate Guide to Graph with XMind on iPad

Explore XMind on Mobile.
This guide covers some of the most useful information and instructions you need to know in order to master XMind on iPad.

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XMind 2020

Warm-up and Stretch Exercise at Home with Lana

Keep fit even we are at home.
Lana, fitness YouTuber and XMind lover, offers suggestions including daily posture, exercises notes, and warm-up exercise at home and office.

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Tips & Tricks

Study from Home & Stay Motivated Tips

How's the online schooling going?

We interviewed some of our XMind student users who are doing online schooling and here is a list of useful tips for studying from home and staying motivated.

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How Does XMind Help with Screenwriting?

Mind map is a good start for writing a script — bits and pieces, develop characters, draft outline, even without exactly knowing it.

Find out why Héctor Cabello Reyes, screenwriter and director, regarded mind mapping is the only way that works for him.

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Mind Map of the Month

Character Relationship in Jane Eyre

Mind map is great to visualize relations for different topics. When reading a novel, using mind map to mark characters relations helps you to comprehend the plots better.

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