1. Part 1: The Most Notable Reviewed & Noted
    1. New Logo and Identity for Slack by Pentagram and In-house
    2. New Logo for Facebook, Inc. done In-house with Dalton Maag and Saffron
    3. New Logo and Identity for Volkswagen done In-house
    4. More
  2. Part 2: The Best Reviewed
    1. New Logo and Identity for The Prince Akatoki by Interbrand
    2. New Identity for Petbarn by Landor
    3. New Logo and Identity for FAO Schwarz by Mattson Creative
    4. More
  3. Part 3: The Worst Reviewed
    1. New Logo for BBVA by Landor
    2. New Logo and Identity for MAIF by W&cie
    3. New Logo and Identity for Desigual done In-house
    4. More
  4. Part 4: The Best Noted
    1. New Name and Logos for Kannapolis Cannon Ballers by Studio Simon
    2. New Logo for Sandwich by Cosma Schema
    3. New Identity for Ayushman Bharat Wellness Centers by Lopez Design
    4. More
  5. Part 5: The Worst Noted
    1. New Logo for American Bar Association by Finn Partners
    2. New Logo for Macy’s
    3. New Name and Logo for AT&T TV Now
    4. More
  6. Part 6: The Best Friday Likes
    1. Supertrash by Seachange
    2. Makeready by Peck Design Associates
    3. Trit House by Office of SPGD
    4. More
  7. Part 7: The Clickbait-iest Linked
    1. Getting the Last Laugh
    2. Package Design of the Year
    3. Faux Crocs Redesign
    4. More
  8. The Best and Worst Identities