1. Branding yourself for others
    1. Social Networking
      1. Facebook
        1. Friends and Family
        2. Work
      2. Twitter
        1. Build you story who you are
        2. Follow the same minded people
        3. Less distractive
        4. Attach twitter account with your CV
      3. Linked in
        1. Professional network
        2. Display your CV here
        3. Add work experience
        4. Add professional certificates
        5. Add voluntary experience
      4. Less productive - waste of time
      5. More productive - Useful to show who you are as a whole
      6. Useful to sell yourself for a job
    2. Physical networking
      1. Meet or Talk over phone
        1. People who you studied with
        2. People who you worked with
      2. Effective
  2. Branding yourself for you
    1. Ask questions to yourself
      1. Why am I doing this?
      2. Am I internally motivated on what I am doing?
      3. How my work impact the wider community?
      4. Create value to the society
  3. It is important to show who we are connected to than who we are
  4. Output
    1. Money to survibe
      1. Find Referees for a job
      2. Confidence in career pathways
  5. Output
    1. Pleasure to survive
      1. Enjoy what we are doing
  6. It is important to know who we are than what value we create to the society