1. Long-Term Sustainability
  2. Reef 2050 Sustainability Plan
  3. Preventing Carbon Dioxide from reaching levels that are dangerous to the reef
  4. Preventing over-fishing of reef
  5. Effective prevention of illegal fishing within reef waters
  6. Pollution Control
  7. Short-Term Sustainability
  8. Managing damage caused by heat stress
  9. Support Reef Conversation through tourism focused conversation projects and initiatives
  10. Tourism
  11. Cultural Presevation
  12. Protecting the historical and social importance of the reef
  13. Monitoring of water quality
  14. Research into and preparation for actions needed to prevent the continued decline of water quality
  15. Enforcement of strict guidelines for tourists and tourism operators in regards to reef pollution
  16. Development of pollution control methods, for example active removal of rubbish such has plastic.
  17. Marine Wildlife
  18. Monitoring of species that are a threat to reef life
  19. Protection of natural reef species
  20. Development of systems to support the continued growth of coral and the local fish populace