1. Roadmap
    1. 1.N Byron
      1. The Byron phase of the settlement layer (Cardano SL) was launched by IOHK, Cardano Foundation, and Emurgo. It enabled the launch of ada cryptocurrency and allowed users to transfer and trade ada.
        1. Live Oct 2017
        2. Shelley Rollout Map
          1. 1.5 Last Byron / First Shelley Update (backend only) Introduction of Ouroboros BFT
          2. Projected Feb/19
          3. 1.6 Decouples Deadalus Wallet from Oroboros backend, Deadalus able to connect to RUST Cardano and new Haskell code. Icarus style addresses
          4. 1.7 Rust AND new Haskell work with new system
          5. Cardano CHAIN, Cardano NETWORK replaces Cardano SL and Carano CL and introduced into Daedalus wallet backend
          6. 100% migration off of legacy code
          7. Address changes: Introduction of a SPENDING KEY, STAKING KEY, ENTERPRISE Addresses
          8. Metadata associated with address. Stake pool data, fee schedule, url, embedded intent of transaction, etc..
          9. Allows COLD staking!
          10. Enterprise addresses remove ADA from system (Exchange addressses unable to stake or impact network)
          11. Onboard Staking pool members Feb/19
          12. Command Line client to begin build up of staking pools
          13. Getting docker image set up, self host setup etc
          14. Then need time to propagate network / marketing etc
          15. Mass update to Daedalus
          16. Delegation Center
          17. GUI UX and UI coming in Blog post "soon"
          18. Registration for Staking
          19. 1.8 Staking goes LIVE in slow rollout weaned off of Ouroboros BFT slot production (BFT get's no rewards, all rewards go to slot producers in stake pools)
          20. Nobody has ever done this in crypto-currency space
          21. This is not a fork, this is all origional science
          22. Cons: nothing to reference, untested waters, lessons still to be learned, surprises almost likely to come up
          23. This will allow time for first movers to get going and less experienced to come in as they can get up to speed
    2. 2.N Shelley
      1. The Shelley phase will transition Cardano SL to a completely decentralized system which will allow all users to participate in the protocol, and get rewards for producing blocks by staking individually or within stake pools.
        1. Projected Live Q1 2019
    3. 3.N Goguen
      1. The Goguen phase will bring the second collection of protocols with the computation layer (Cardno CL) deployed as side-chains, with support for smart contracts. (Cardano NETWORK)
    4. 4.N Basho
      1. The Basho phase will be focused on performance, security, and scalability improvements. It will enable Cardano to scale to millions and billions of users.
    5. 5.N Voltaire
      1. The Voltaire phase will add a treasury system and governance, enabling sustainability and self-sufficiency for Cardano.
  2. ADA Blockchain
    1. Layers of Cardano Blockchain Architecture
      1. Settlement (Accounting) Cardano CHAIN (CC)
        1. Ouroboros
          1. Github
          2. Comparison of Block Expectation Time for Various Consensus Algorithms. (Bitcoin vs GHOST vs Ouroboros)
          3. How it works (Epochs)
          4. Youtube
          5. Nets
          6. Main
          7. Live OCT 2017
          8. Test
          9. Block Explorers
          10. Official
          11. Adacheck.io
          12. Adascan
          13. clio.one
          14. Ouroboros Iterations
          15. Ouroboros Praos (Jun 12/17)
          16. Origional Protocol
          17. Byron Phase
          18. Ouroboros BFT (OCT 30/18)
          19. Byzantine Fault Tellerant
          20. End of Byron Phase
          21. Ouroboros Genesis (May 3/18)
          22. Dynamic Availability
          23. Ouroboros Hydra
          24. Scalability
          25. Basho Phase
          26. Ouroboros Philos
          27. Interoperability
          28. Ouroboros Crypsinous (Nov 20/18)
          29. Privacy
      2. Computation (Side-Chains) Cardano NETWORK (CN)
        1. Smart Contracts
          1. Plutus
          2. Github
          3. Nets
          4. Main
          5. IOHK working on Extended UTxO Mar/19?
          6. Test
          7. Playground
          8. Domain Specific Languages (DSL)
          9. Financial
          10. Marlowe
          11. Github
          12. Browser Emulator
          13. Meadow
          14. Nets
          15. Main
          16. Test
          17. Non-Programmer Friendly
          18. Technology
          19. Haskell
        2. Virtual Machines
          1. IELE
          2. Github
          3. Nets
          4. Main
          5. Test
          6. KEVM
        3. The backbone of building smart contracts with the highest possible degree of security, auditability and correctness.
  3. Resources
    1. Wallets
      1. Full (Official)
        1. Daedalus
          1. Github
          2. Update 1.6 will decouple wallet from Ouroboros backend
      2. Light
        1. Icarus (Code Base)
          1. Github
          2. Yoroi - Light Wallet
          3. Github
          4. Chrome Extension
          5. Technologies
          6. Rust
          7. Node.js
          8. Web|Assembly
          9. Cardano
        2. 3rd Party
      3. Hardware
        1. Ledger
        2. Trezor
          1. Pending
        3. Sirin Labs
          1. Pending
    2. Learning Resources
      1. edu.clio.one
        1. Plutus Training
    3. Development Updates
  4. Cardano Projects
    1. Incubators
      1. Sirin Labs
      2. Traxia
    2. Cardano Developers
      1. Fractalide
  5. Community
    1. Official Networks
      1. Reddit
      2. Telegram
      3. Forum
      4. Meetup
      5. Facebook
      6. Youtube
        1. (Cardano Foundation)
      7. Twitter
    2. Community Leaders
      1. The Cardano Effect Podcast
        1. Reddit
        2. Youtube
          1. TCE Clips (Youtube)
    3. Ambassador Program
    4. Cardano Watchdogs
      1. Twiter
    5. ADAEVO.com
      1. Web
  6. Organization
    1. IOHK
      1. Research
        1. Cardano is the most authoritative, researched and vetted cryptocurrency project on the planet. See the linked resource for the list of papers produced by the research initiatives of IOHK.
          1. 40+ Research Papers
          2. 20+ of which have gone through peer review
      2. Design
      3. Build
      4. Maintain
        1. Will submit contract proposals to the Cardano ecosystem for future development, feature proposals, maintenance etc
      5. Educate
        1. Youtube
    2. Emurgo
      1. Commercial Ventures
        1. Develop
        2. Support
        3. Incubate
      2. Integrate
        1. Businesses
    3. Cardano Foundation
      1. Standardize
      2. Protect
      3. Promote
      4. Educate
  7. Design Principles
    1. Scalability
      1. Need to scale to Bilions of users and able to process many tx/sec. including off-chain.
        1. Side Chains - Cardano NETWORK (CN)
        2. Roadmap (4.N Basho Phase)
    2. Interoperability
      1. There will not be just one coin to rule them all. Transactions crypto to crypto are empowered on the ADA blockchain
        1. NIPOPOW/S
          1. Contain any POW or POS coin in a Side Chain. BTC, ETH, TRX, even ADA
        2. Hard Fork Resistence
    3. Sustainability
      1. Decentralized projects need systems in place to ensure trust-less longevity. Without a centralized point of development (or failure) a solid foundation for sustainability is paramount.
        1. Fee Structure
        2. DAO / Treasury / Governance
          1. Perpetual Funding
        3. Incentives / Staking
          1. ~1000+ Nodes, Stake pools, offline staking
          2. Onboarding stake pool members Feb/19
          3. Propogation
        4. Future Development
          1. Contract bidding with community voting
  8. Why Cardano?
    1. Bitcoin is the first generation crypto currency, establishing bedrock for trust-less, immutable, POW ledgers. Ethereum was 2nd generation and lead the way to putting a programming language on the blockchain giving us the concept of smart-contracts and empowered the ICO movement. Cardano is the 3rd generation and builds on the legacy of Bitcoin and re-evaluates the concepts behind ETH to deliver the worlds most authoritative, researched and vetted smart-contract platform.
    2. Comprehesive Layman's Scope
  9. Why Haskell?
    1. "Choosing Haskell for protocol development was the most difficult choice." "The protocols that compose Cardano are distributed, bundled with cryptography and require a high degree of fault tolerance." "One of the primary reasons for choosing Haskell is that it provides the right balance of practicality and theory. Specification derived from white papers looks a lot like Haskell code, and connecting the two is considerably easier than doing so with an imperative language."
    2. More in-depth about "Why Haskell?"
  10. This Cardano Mind Map is a community generated resource to visually map a top level view of the Cardano ecosystem.
    1. Objectives
      1. 1. Visually map out the main components of the Cardano ecosystem
      2. 2. Drill down to reasonable depth of sub categories with basic descriptions
      3. 3. Provide external links to at least one relevant resource which provides more detail
      4. 4. Exclusions
        1. 4.1 This map does not provide any active functions related to the Cardano project or the community
        2. 4.2 This map is community led and therefore not to be considered official, comprehesive or without errors
        3. 4.3 This map will not link to affiliate links
        4. 4.4 This map is a work in progress
        5. 4.5 Everything subject to change
    2. Support
      1. Submit Suggestions / Edits / Errors / Broken Links
    3. Cardano Map Mission