1. Who?
    1. Who is the intended market?
    2. Who will provide technical support?
  2. When?
    1. When will the sales process start?
    2. When will the advertisement start?
  3. What?
    1. What are the features of the new product?
    2. What will our profit margin be?
  4. Where?
    1. Where will the product be produced?
    2. Where will the product be sold?
    3. Where will the product be advertised?
  5. Why?
    1. Why is not the right time for the product?
    2. Why would customers want this product?
  6. How?
    1. How will process be structured to meet our goals?
    2. How can we determine if there is a market fit?
  7. More Templates
    1. xmind.net/blog/en/brainstorming-template