What's new in XMind for Desktop?

We’ve realized an update for XMind for Desktop in September.

New structures, enhanced features, and magical clicks for easy mind mapping are waiting just for you. These tweaks are “ripe” for you to have a bite. Download the latest XMind and have a quick look at the latest features.

New Timeline Structure

The latest timeline structures includes vertical, horizontal, horizontal (off-axis). The latest timeline is closely designed with more information.


Enhanced Pitch Mode

Pitch Mode supports to run with other apps side by side, and new layouts and slide aspect ratio are added.


Export to PPTX/PDF

Export slides in Pitch Mode to PowerPoint/PDF.


Improved Note

Insert and edit links in Note. XMind for Desktop also recognizes these links automatically.


Compact Layout

Close and neat layout for your mind map with just a click.


Justify Topic Alignment

Click for the same alignment of the same levels of the topics.


Find out more in our blog.

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